Volunteers Continue to Make the Difference

Min Shen Ng from the London LLP office shares his experience volunteering with Hymans Robertson Foundation.

02 Aug 2023

Blog 5

Min Shen Ng from the London LLP office volunteered with the Foundation in June 2023.

Min used some of his volunteering hours (the Firm offers staff up to 3 days) to support a data analysis project with the Foundation.

'In the last two months, I’ve been supporting the Hymans Robertson Foundation as a specialist volunteer. The Foundation has, over the last five years, gathered information on activity and the impact of grant funding on young people’s lives. Most of the data is shared with the Foundation Board and through its annual report.'


Something you do every day can be applied differently (to the Foundation or one of its charity partners) and can make a real difference.” It doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment either – I spent about a day or so over a two-month period. Min Shen Ng London LLP office volunteered with the Foundation in June 2023

'It was a great experience for me to get involved and learn from Marcella Boyle, Foundation CEO, together we scoped a short piece of work around data analysis, particularly around validating the data generated and making recommendations to improve data gathering in the future. Despite it being a short life project, I truly enjoyed using my business skills, learning about the work of the Foundation and having input to improving Foundation reporting in the future. I’d encourage others to think about specialist volunteering'