Helping Hands

We work closely with Hymans Robertson to engage its volunteers with our charity partners. Most of our opportunities are coordinated by Helping Hands groups, run by Hymans Robertson volunteers in their offices across the UK. Helping Hands teams have their own community charitable partnerships, and they can approach the Foundation for grant funding for a range of charitable and community based organisations.

In 2019/20, the Foundation provided matched funding to 32 charitable organisations supported by Hymans Robertson individuals, teams and offices.

In the year to April 2020, people at Hymans Robertson volunteered over 2,300 hours to more than 23 different community and charitable organisations, as well as supporting our charity partners. You can see some volunteers in action here.

“Together with Helping Hands and Hymans Robertson, the Foundation is supporting a goal of 5,000 hours of annual volunteering by 2021”

Skilled Volunteering

We recognise that people at Hymans Robertson have expert skills and experience that may benefit charities across the UK. Reflecting the range of volunteering approaches we receive, we have developed a skilled volunteering policy which offers Hymans Robertson staff the opportunity to use their professional skills and expertise directly with the charity sector on a pro bono basis.

We undertake reasonable due diligence on the proposed charity with less than £5m income.

To determine if/how we can support skilled volunteering projects, we ask charities to produce a defined scope for the proposed support.

We also highlight Trustee opportunities to Hymans Robertson via their intranet. This ensures they can see the full range of volunteering opportunities. A number of Hymans Robertson people already volunteer on community and charity Boards.

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