To mark the Foundation’s 5-year anniversary, we shared a total of £45,000 in unrestricted grants, to help with the economic and social impact of the COVID pandemic. Priority was given to smaller and mid-size charity partners and Hymans Robertson Helping Hands community partners.

Foundation charity partner MyBnk used their £5000 additional funding to develop the provision of their online financial management programme for young people.

One of these programmes is Virtual Money Twist KS5, an interactive financial education programme for 16- to 18-year-olds, which covers practical and relevant financial matters. Delivered across England, this programme is very popular with young people who are planning to enter the workforce or go on to further education. One participant, school pupil Dawinder, said “We’re getting to the age where we’re going to start earning money and doing things independently from our parents. So you need to learn about financial literacy or you’ll be in a bad position when you’re older. You need this now so you can develop to be better with your money in the future. Loads of us will go to uni next year – we might live out, we might not, we might have a part time job or an apprenticeship. Either way, we’ll have income and outgoings. And knowing how to manage our money will be very important.”

Barry Challis, fundraising officer with MyBnk, said, “With the help of the Hymans 5-Year Anniversary Fund during the pandemic, we were able continue our core work and to further develop virtual adaptations of our core programmes. This allowed us to continue to offer financial education to those young people who need it most. “